Monthly Archives: June 2023

Summer’s Sacred Blooming

Summer and Winter solstice form the cyclical flow of nature in connection with itself. Within this energetic symbiosis, one part exists in relation to the other: Summer as a reflection of a fruit-bearing movement and Winter as a reflection of the depth of unformed Silence. Each exists in connection to the mysterious whole of life.

In the same way, the energies of equinox seasons could be described as transition bridges—Spring calling us into the world as in the fullness of summer’s blooming, and Fall calling us into depth as the timeless spaciousness of the unformed. For this reason, tuning in to our body’s nature-cycles can be a strong spiritual resource: we discover our short time on earth as form in deep connection to inner depth and Silence. With a visceral experience of life’s innate wholeness, we begin to trust enough to let go into an unknowable, yet thrilling intelligence that courses through our nervous system. As spiritual bodies, we are the living bridge between form and formlessness.

While healing our individuated selves has been a useful focus in western psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, I believe we are being called into a collective blossoming as a species—a call to know our form within an expanded relational consciousness. In whatever way that calling is initiated in us, it will begin to deepen our embodied sense of depth, wisdom, and compassion. We begin to know ourselves within the unconditional and timeless spiritual dimension.

As a vast intelligence opens within us, it brings the shocking realization that we are the living incarnation of an imperfect ancestral bloom and the unformed stillness of depth. Our life radically changes when we understand life as a process of evolutionary inclusion from both dimensions. From an embodied spiritual perspective, inclusion is an unconditional relationship to form—however imperfect that appears. What we perceive to be imperfect in ourselves or others is here to expand the relational capacity of our hearts.

So… we learn to breathe, pause, and listen to (feel) our body as the imperfect form that harbours variations of numbness, fear, and judgement. We actually rob ourselves of our authentic form when we exclude our imperfections. We create an inhospitable world when we refuse to connect with the unintegrated fear and pain of our ancestors and the collective. We have been born into a world where the violating nature of our disconnection is either normalized through numbness or pushed against as attempts to “fix what is wrong.” Either way, we lose a relational connection with the imperfect process of our human blooming (evolution). 

Remembering our depth through inner-stillness allows depth to become a resource in our lives—a bubbling up of deep nourishment for Summer’s blooming. As we  restore our connection to our depth, we naturally become a restorative agent for humanity. In bowing to the evolutionary process we liberate an organic blossoming in our lives. The abundant energy of summer is a living connection to depth becoming manifest: an inner timelessness becoming soil for an outer blooming.

On Wednesday, June 21 we will explore where and how depth is blooming in our lives: how our relationships, consumer choices, felt connections with nature, or relationship to ourselves is informed by both unexamined conditioning and Soul’s purpose or calling.