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We don’t find an answer, we discover a process. It is not about fixing anything. It is about being in relation. Thomas Hübl

Group Inner Constellation Mobiles (ICM)

Cultivating relationship with the “hard” edges of our humanity takes a courageous willingness to look and feel into what has been denied and hidden— whether that be ancestral, collective, or individual. 
Like so many things, our relationship to our wounding is softened when we explore them together. A spacious small group holds the potential for “being in the world but not of it”– to be “in connection with” rather than reactive. Our nervous system remembers this place of soft relation and “being present with,” where we experience our soul’s impulse entering our heart.
In scientific language this shift in consciousness involves the instinctive/emotional memory of the limbic system, the ventral vagal response (that fosters a “being with”), and the right brain’s wholeness/unconditional connection.
Ancestral, collective, and personal reactive habits are not wrong. They merely point to what needs attention. Once digested, these trapped trauma-patterns become a blessing to the world as unique impulses of restoration.                                                                 
An unmanageable paradox begins to take place in our nervous system as we touch into the truth of our incarnated trauma. Contrary to popular spiritual ideals, it is our precise engagement with collective/ancestral/individual trauma patterns that anchors our Soul into our life. We are no longer living through subtle levels of denial, but in relation to the deeper compass of our Soul’s purpose.
A spiritual practice informed by the timeless movement of the Soul enters our Heart and changes our lives in ways we can’t imagine. This is because the Soul’s calling is deeper and more vital than the predictability of our human conditioning.                     
I offer two forms of private sessions: Inner Constellation Sessions and Sound Healing Sessions. Both modalities focus on experiencing ourselves within a more spacious stillness that rests in this moment. When the displaced pockets of trauma are met with awareness and respect we begin to experience life as an organically restorative movement that we can trust. Embodied spiritual healing opens a felt-understanding of connection and safety within our bodies. We come to understand our place in life through a sacred sense of our unconditional belonging.

Private Inner Constellation Sessions

We cannot live in a world that is not our own, 
in a world that is interpreted for us by others. 
An interpreted world is not a home. 
Part of the terror is to take back our own listening, 
to use our own voice, to see our own light. 
(Hildegard von Bingen, 12 C. Mystic)

A constellation implies movement in the direction of  wholeness through connection to what is present. We have everything we need, but often the relationship between our inner-parts is conflicted. Finding authentic relationship with our life is a movement down into the body, and gives a felt sense that “everything belongs.” The figurines in the Inner Constellation private sessions create a precise relationship with the invisible energies often lying unseen and unfelt by the conditioned habits of our everyday consciousness.

*Private ICM sessions are hosted on Zoom. Cost is Cdn.$125 (or 3 sessions for $300) payable on E-transfer.
Please text or call 604-222-4111 for appt.


The Relational Principles of the ICM

  • Allowing “what is” to be present  often awakens a higher coherence within the group where the beauty of unconditional belonging  comes to life.
  • As a spacious group process, the ICM movement invites both inner and outer attunement where we discover a profound relational presence or inter-being living within our nervous system. 
  • The group-inter-being opens a more conscious relationship with life through exploring stuck trauma patterns and the movement of our soul.
  • The network of nerves within our limbic system contains a deep connection with life as it is and is naturally informed by both timeless and time bound dimensions. [The word limbic is from Latin limbus, meaning “edge.” The evolution of our consciousness literally lives on the “edge” between our emotional wounding (trauma)  and the soul’s embodied potential.]
  • A traumatized limbic system feels asynchronous, presenting emotions and moods that are difficult to presence on our own. As these are seen and felt as “trapped energy” rather than “wrong,” they begin to melt into new life-connections.
 The Origin of the ICM
  • After ten years of studying and leading groups in the relationship between inner-stillness and living in the world, a symbol or “map of the territory” emerged strongly in my awareness upon awakening in May 2018. I have called the map an “Inner Constellation Mobile” (ICM) as it reveals more clearly the inner-dynamics we inevitably encounter in relationship to stillness practices. It spells out the movement of both our belonging and our becoming: i.e., the movement of the conditioned and ancestral influences of how we have learned to belong in the world, as well as our timeless potential as soul. As the mobile takes shape organically, a deep healing process begins between the constellations. We discover that healing and integration begin naturally when our numb or activated trauma patterns are seen and experienced with participants. We come to a visceral understanding that one person’s healing is every-person’s healing.

    The ICM conveys our relationship to Silence and inner-stillness as an energetic-movement that can be felt in our nervous system (specifically within the limbic system). The ICM movement is comprised of the Soul (spaciousness and listening) interfacing with the complexity of centuries of human conditioning (including family/ancestral and cultural constellations). Succinct, yet mobile, the six different constellations become an embodied representation of our inner landscape.

    As in Family Constellations work, the Inner Constellations are energetically represented by other participants. When participants are chosen to represent a constellation, they begin to experience the refined nature of transpersonal relationship. As we discover that the energetic movement we are representing also exists in us, engrained habits of “othering” and separation begin dissolving.

    We experience the liberating truth of our oneness with all of life. No matter what appears in the constellated aspects, it is the same evolutionary impulse restoring us to life.

    Please Note: ICM Workshops are currently only offered as part of the 2023/24 Universal Heart Series. For more information you can text or call me (Laura) at 1-604-222-4111 .