A 30 Day Journey – Day 29

Day 29 of “A 30 day Journey into Stillness”

At April’s Evolutionary Collective meeting in SF, I met with Christy. We became aware that we were being influenced by the same energy of soft receptivity. We felt we could push against it and affect it, and then it would regain it’s shape like a sponge. We could move within it, sideways, up, and down. We were held in something that we could influence, but that was also influencing us. 

What was most remarkable about the experience was not just the mutuality with Christy, but the mutuality of the field that we were both within. We were as instrumental in shaping “its” “beingness, as it was in shaping ours. We were mutual with It! Could this exquisitely tender place be an experience of co-creation? Could it be that God/Source/Higher Self is affected by us too? That it is not the one-way street I thought it was? … so much breaking open as this profound realization emerges.