A 30 Day Journey into Stillness

In 2014, I recorded this series to assist students in establishing a direct experience of stillness within their inner landscape. There is no dogma or believe system, but rather an encouragement to be curious and discover the potential in the unfamiliar.

Click on the “Day” below to listen to the 20 minute audio from that day. I encourage you to engage in the comments section below, should something move you or puzzle you. (If this is your first time hearing these, it is best to do them in order.)

Day 1 — Insight comes like “lightening bolts” through habits of consciousness.

Day 2 — Challenging “thinking” directly is a no-win game. Thinking is just thinking.

Day 3 — Returning again & again to the Still-point in the Heart.

Day 4 — Becoming aware of ourselves as “energy” stabilizes our Spiritual Practice.

Day 5 — There is an inherent Grace in Pure Curiosity.

Day 6 — Being available to the Unconditional Connectedness of Love.

Day 7 — By Trusting our Integrity in God, so much confusion recedes.

Day 8 — Looking at our reflection in the eyes of the other.

Day 9 — Everything I have every wanted for is so freely given when I am still.

Day 10 — At their root, religions always address authentic spiritual experience.

Day 11 — When I am willing to really look … then Real Life stares back at me.

Day 12 — Fields of energy can be birthed consciously.

Day 13 — There is Stillness, and the action born out of Stillness.

Day 14 — Learning who we are “in God (Wholeness)” is the finest Santuary possible.

Day 15 — Recognizing the difference between “local” and “non-local” Awareness

Day 16 — Recognizing our deep longing to “belong” to the Whole

Day 17 — Trust and Spaciousness are Synonymous

Day 18 — The Neutrality of the Witnessing Presence stabilizes the mind & emotions

Day 19 — Diving Deep while Honouring Surface

Day 20 — The Life-changing event of God (Consciousness) waking up within “me.”

Day 21 — The God-a-logue: Dialoguing with Higher Consciousness

Day 22 — We cannot serve two masters

Day 23 — Feeling enormous responsibility as the separated identity

Day 24 — Experiencing the non-separate Reality of God

Day 25 — Reading Energy: Our relationship to the God of our Heart

Day 26 — Learning from the Discomfort of the Separated Self

Day 27 — The Ubiquity of Spiritual By-Passing

Day 28  — The Raw Simplicity of an Open God-Yearning Heart

Day 29 — Experiencing the Mutuality of Co-creation within Relationship

Day 30 — The Shocking Simplicity of the Reality of our Spiritual Nature