A 30 Day Journey into Stillness – Day 13

Day 13 of “A 30 Day Journey into Stillness”

There is Stillness, and the action born out of Stillness. The on-going cycle of the Big Bang … nothing and then something. Action born out of Stillness is Love. The kenotic (self-emptying) practice of stillness opens a place of depth and stillness; from there a profound, yet delicate, movement begins to awaken deep within the energy of the Universal heart.  It feels like a magnetic pull on the heart — a drawing out from the depths.

Traditional Eastern meditation, especially Advaita (the Vedanta tradition of non-dual Awareness) would focus on only the Being aspect–on the Stillness. Hence the focus was retreat from the noise of the world and the cultural influences that surround us. We find who we are in the Stillness and then we stay there. We have arrived at the traditional goal of meditation.