A 30 Day Journey – Day 25

Day 25 of “A 30 Day Journey into Stillness”

Sometimes I do Aura Readings. I have always been psychically and energetically sensitive. I could intuit in ways that most people would have found strange — but to me they felt normal. In my 20’s, I took it upon myself to structure my “intuitive leanings” so that it would not feel as though this ability was “running me.” It was a healthy decision, and I continue to give “Aura Readings” occasionally.

While doing a reading a couple of weeks ago, I “saw” a strikingly different dynamic taking place when reading a young lady — this specific part of the reading was looking at her relationship with the God of her Heart. Basically, in this “mock up”  (a way of seeing energy by giving it form & structure), the Sun represents the God of your Heart, and the Rose represents your soul’s relationship to that. I saw something I’d never seen before: the Sun was shining more “upwards,” not its usual “everywhere-ness.” The Rose was fairly open, but it seemed conditional on the Sun “backing off” some — literally taking some of the “heat” off.

I have never seen evidence of a 2-Way communication like this before. Traditionally, God has been like the “unmoved Mover” (Aristotle) — never changing. But this glimpse suggests something staggeringly different. We also influence God. That really turns the “traditional” tables upside down. No longer is God male and up in the clouds above us, but totally “with us,” listening “to us” — not separate from who “we are.” Consciousness — and who we know ourselves to be within it —  is dramatically changing for many of us now. We are beginning to communicate — collectively and individually (with God) — in ways previously unimaginable.