A 30 Day Journey – Day 15

Day 15 of “A 30 Day Journey into Stillness”

As human beings, we are capable of multiple levels of consciousness and awareness. The following experience highlights the difference between a non-local Awareness and a local awareness:

In the moment of Silence before beginning our Skype–MAP (Mutual Awakening Practice) with one of my San Francisco cohort, I slightly opened my eyes. I could see 2 images on the screen … and for a couple of seconds I experienced not-knowing which one I belonged to.

For a few seconds, this experience of non-local or free-floating Awareness seemed completely normal. I was relaxed and at ease. Shortly afterwards however, … I could feel familiar tendrils of fear pulling at my heart. My breathing became shallower and shorter as “I” — the identified body-mind of this lifetime — became aware that it was no longer “in control.” I quickly experienced falling from the “grace” of non-local Awareness to habitual local awareness. The view and the experience is as different as day is from night.