A 30 Day Journey into Stillness – Day 14

Day 14 of “A 30 Day Journey into Stillness”

In today’s increasingly global infrastructure, it is neither wise nor practical to use retreat alone as our means of Spiritual Practice — although it is very important. In Stillness, we come to know God (Be Still & Know that I Am God). We learn to Love who we are “in God.” This is the first commandment in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Thomas Hubl refers to this as vertical alignment. The second commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Thomas would refer to this as the horizontal. It extends from the Heart, from the place where we know who we are in God. My experience is that Love is pulled from me during an authentic encounter with another. It may be latent within us, and then awakens in response to our willingness to engage in sacred dialogue. We are then participating in the second commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself. It is not “my separate self loving your separate self,” but God’s Love within me being pulled out of me. Essentially, we are Be-coming each other into Love.