Monthly Archives: March 2022

A Spring Birth

Painting by Keira Madsen at

We are not in a birth process we are a birthing process. This may sound like picky semantics, but it is much more than that. The awakening consciousness and its emergent spring nature is our very own nature birthing itself. This may sound all too Zen for some of you, but if you feel into the energy behind these words they take you somewhere. 

Allow the stillness of your contemplative mind to come on-line. It creates a pulsing and a streaming sensation in the body that simply knows this is true. The contemplative mind can validate a more wholesome consciousness than the calculative mind, which is burdened by conditioned limitations. It is the calculative mind that creates a great heaviness and darkness in the world. The root of our individual and collective suffering is the pain caused by separating ourselves: from life, from nature, from other groups, even from our so-called intimate relationships. 

When we begin to see this habit working in our individual and collective lives it can be shocking. I have found it so. The calculative mind habit is not the fault of one person or one group. We all easily default to finding the problem out there. When we do this, we forsake our true belonging here. We forsake the grace and beauty of our Soul as soon as the finger points outside of ourselves. Our news is full of this fault finding. This is not to say there isn’t a lot in the world to be changed, but pushing against it and making it wrong only adds fuel to the division.

For many of us leaving our calculative dualistic mind is very challenging. And it is a mistake to resist it and make it wrong. When we practice, especially in groups that hold a place for higher resonances, we expand our awareness of our “othering,” our habits of right and wrong. We begin to trust something entirely new—an inner birth or awakening that has been there waiting all along! 

We become free even while our conditioned self also circulates in our nervous system. We are never free from anything … we are free with everything.

I hope you will join the spring equinox practice on Wednesday, March 23. We create much hope and beauty in the world when we attune to the possibilities of our inner spring. Aligned with nature as our bodies are,  this is a fortuitous time of year. Awakening to the light even as the darkness is all around us, that is what our evolution is. The manifest or created world has never been free from darkness. This darkness also lives within our nervous system and thought habits, through our lineage and collective influences …  but … the biggest “but” of our lifetime, nothing can ever destroy our inner light. The eternal nature of our being lives within the universality of our heart. Every spiritual teaching reminds us of this. It is not wishful thinking but an emergent joy and timeless blessing.

May the joy and blessing of your universal heart bring you and yours joy and comfort as we experience the rebirth of spring.