A 30 Day Journey – Day 19

Day 19 of “A 30 Day Journey into Stillness”

Diving Deep while Honouring Surface: Many spiritual seekers suffer needlessly because we do not discriminate between Depth and Surface. Depth is the unchanging timeless dimension of Being, and Surface operates on Time and Space. I spent years being angry at God, Life, myself, because I was trying to make this “learning ground” of Surface (or manifestation) “be” Depth. While it can be the same during the spark of non-dual Awareness, for most of us, we have to settle for the imperfections of this manifest world. When we aren’t constantly placing inappropriate expectations of perfection on ourselves and others, then we have the freedom to relate to the many manifestations (forms of life) of Surface from a Compassion that understands. The basic understanding is that we are finding our way Home to ourselves in Depth/God.