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The Innocence of the Body as Key to the Universal Heart

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Within the Inner Constellation Mobile (ICM), there is a Field Intelligence that can be perceived, witnessed, and felt. The most trustworthy way to attune to this intelligence is through our bodies. Why? Because our bodies are innocent in the simple direct way that they store information. There is a witnessing presence within the ICM container that allows the innocent hurt places to emerge in such a way that invites a deeper contact with our soul’s impulse. The invitation and the challenge are miraculously woven together as the beauty of our spiritual embodiment.

Our bodies are like listening to children before they have learned to layer over and identify with the habits of their family and culture. The language of innocence-speaking is simple, direct, and fresh—and often wise beyond the years of that body. In this open transparent state our bodies have an organic resonance with what is true: whether that be my unintegrated 3 year old fear, my grandfather’s depression, or the legacy of my culture’s unintegrated burdens.

However, our innocent contact with life only surfaces where there is a sense of safety that allows habitual defences or numbness to lay down their arms, rest, and begin to thaw. If our healing modalities are not connected with deeply embodied truth, we are prone to bandaid-solutions and wishful thinking. In other words, without embodying the truth of our wounding, there is no reconciliation. 

Deep work always includes past and present, the ancestors and the collective, because the intelligence of our bodies is all of that. Our body is nothing less than the pulse of life living itself into a gazillion different forms. We may have become frozen in particle and forgotten our wholesome belonging; but if we slow down to feel and witness, we begin to understand that our wounding and our innocence are partners in the path of reconciliation. The pain we have resisted—sometimes for lifetimes within our lineage and collective—becomes the precise medicine for our soul’s embodiment.

When a small group of people are committed to standing together in the fire of that medicine, we become one-life-healing. In so doing, we shake the roots of our known universe that is currently built upon habits of fear and division. Within the Universal Heart there is spiritual blessing that allows us to be with the wounded innocent of life. This deep medicine restores the division between our soul and our body and allows life to begin walking us home.