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The Deep Silence of Solstice

Solstice Silent Prayer 2022

May we dwell gracefully in the darkness of the silent unknown.

May our inner-stillness provide a womb for the unborn light that shines through eternity as the inexplicable mystery of our life’s belonging and purpose. 

May the light of the universal heart show the way in these darkening days.

Words of depth and Silence are strong medicine for the yearning heart of the mystic. The Soul hears them from a timeless transmission that brings them into the present moment. In presence, they find a unique home within our body, heart, and mind.

The language of depth is transpersonal and yet intimately personal. Although it touches every moment in our life unconditionally, we only feel its influence as our knees bend in gratitude, and our heart softens towards life’s unfoldment.

Our soul’s innate capacity to embrace the unknown has become burdened with divisive mental structures in our collective. These structures favour the security of scientific materialism, secularism, and/or religious fundamentalism. The vast inner-spaciousness that continuously nourished our heart as young children can seem distant and remote.

This is never to lay blame, but to become curious about what might be blocking our connection to the fecund nature of the soul’s dark womb. What do we fear losing? Or perhaps more accurately, what do we fear discovering? Often it is the life-altering discovery of the light that we fear the most. Light gives us nothing to hang on to … and yet everything we long for …

May we learn to rest in this dark time: to still the restless mind and heart and to listen to the distant intimacy of the light beckoning from beyond the veil of the dark unknown. We are truly blessed to be living in this enormous time of change.

I hope you will join us for the free Universal Heart Solstice zoom gathering on Wednesday, Dec. 21 2022 (10 to 11:30 AM Pacific).

Divine Light shining in the ground of my being,
Draw me to yourself. 
Draw me past the snares of the senses, out of the mazes of the mind. 
Free me from symbols, from words, that I may discover the signified,the Word unspoken in the darkness that reveals the ground of my being. 
(Dessert Father’s & Mother’s 4th Century CE)