Monthly Archives: January 2023

Grounding Thought: Making Sense of the Present

For most of us our thought habits and patterns interfere with our ability to be still and present in life. Although this doesn’t have to be the case, thought patterns often become a disembodied helicopter whirring around on-top of life — a sort of  “life-manager.” As a consequence, we tend to divide life circumstances and people into parts: safe and unsafe, good and bad, with me or against me. Unchallenged thought-patterns continue until we pause to feel the energy driving them—often a younger self where we have had to pull away from life to protect ourselves.

Divisive thought patterns lack the warm intimacy of an organic relational trust in life. Experiencing the truth of our wounding is not a mental process, but a surrendered willingness to experience what is true. The beauty of this gesture also allows the soul’s spaciousness to be felt in our nervous system. A state of innocence and unconditional belonging arises when disconnected trauma wounds are felt, witnessed, and understood, rather than managed.

Gathering in groups where non-bypassing-presence is priority allows thinking patterns to ground through a felt sense of their energy-flavour. Our mind-dominant culture has been hypnotized away from a direct experience of life. With courage and room to explore, we begin to trust that our bodies, hearts, and minds are a process of life-evolving and not solid and fixed. We are “life in process.” Feeling life may initially be more uncomfortable than managing it, but it is also a starting point for engaging in an abundant life of deep connection and belonging.  

What is arising in you while reading this blog post? It could be a mix of resistant thoughts as well as an uplifting heart-glimmer that feels a call to a new life. It is helpful to feel the two different paradigms running through our nervous system: one from the contracted density of our unintegrated ancestral and cultural conditioning and the other from the expanded light of our soul calling us home to our life. 

Even a small taste of the generous abundance of our true nature can be a huge blessing in our life because we discover a miracle: that we can relax and be here in the simplicity of how things are. Managing life creates a lot of ungrounded (disconnected) thinking that robs us of our life-vitality and our life-place (which always begins where we are). Pausing to be touched by the suffering under repetitive thoughts can make the timeless whisper of our soul more audible. As divisive thoughts are grounded through the felt-awareness of our individual, collective, and ancestral bodies, our life changes.  Our life begins to make deep sense through the timeless stream of our soul’s embodiment.