A 30 Day Journey – Day 22

Day 22 of “A 30 Day Journey into Stillness”

Living our lives through God is always the death of the separate self. It cannot be any other way because we cannot serve two masters. We either serve ourselves as a separate identity or we serve God — who is always interested in serving the greater whole. While dying to the separated self even slightly have been among the most beautiful events in my life, I seem unable to live from there. My eyes fill with tears even thinking of these divinely touched moments. The unleashed forces of Mercy, Generosity, and Love that come to all of us when we “let go into God,” is nothing short of miraculous. It brings us to our knees in awe and humility by (paradoxically) “lifting us up” beyond our wildest dreams. Why is it then, that I so easily succumb to forgetfulness?