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Spacious presence within a group reveals a movement where soul and belonging in the world dance together effortlessly. This expands our trust in life and allows more spontaneity, depth, and compassion.

Understanding the Inner Constellation Mobile (ICM)

  • The ICM is a group practice of inner attunement. With willingness and courage, we discover a profound depth intelligence living within our nervous system.
  • When accessed, this intelligence allows a more conscious relationship with ancestral & collective trauma patterns and the movement of our soul.
  • The network of nerves within the limbic system influence the deep emotions of fear, pleasure, grief, and anger. Emotions are key for healing as they are the building blocks of relationship.
  • Connective intelligence is attributed in part to the limbic system living at the edge of the brain’s cortex—limbic is from Latin limbus, meaning “edge.” The evolution of our consciousness literally lives on the “edge” between the emotional wounding (or trauma) of our conditioning and the emerging potential of soul.
  • A traumatized limbic system is asynchronous, presenting emotions and moods that may appear disconnected, frozen, erratic and impulsive.
  • When our deep emotions are seen and felt as trapped energy rather than “wrong” they begin finding their place within the relational resonance of the ICM.
  • The transpersonal nature of the ICM supports a relational belonging for ancestral and cultural trauma wounding.
  • When trauma is included, transcendent networks of soul intelligence also awaken in the nervous system.

2022 Fall ICM Workshops                                                                                         

All ICM Workshops are from 10 AM to 1 PM (PST), and ICM Follow-up groups are from 10 to 11:30 AM (PST). (Please note prices below.)

Saturday Sept. 17 (Includes Saturday Sept. 24 Follow-up group).

Wednesday Oct. 26  (Includes Wednesday Nov. 2 Follow-up group).

Saturday Nov. 26  (Includes Saturday Dec. 3 Follow-up group).                                                    

Note: Due to the Zoom formatting, workshops are limited to 11 participants. Please check availability before registering (by texting or calling 1-604-222-4111).

Follow-up Sessions:                                                                                                                                         

Triads: During the Follow-up groups, we will gather in groups of 3 or 4 to share our experiences. Triads are a practice of sharing and listening from our body and heart in a connected way. Reflective insights are welcome, but discussion and/or advice-giving are discouraged.                                                                                                                                                           

Vocal Sound Healings: focus on the profoundly connecting resonance of the human voice using five vowel sounds.

  • Sound connects directly to the nervous system below thinking
  • We hear from the womb and sound is the last sense to leave us as we are dying.
  • The soul is held in a timeless universal sound frequency.
  • Attuned vocal sound relaxes the nervous system. This allows further integration of the ICM workshop the week before. 

NEW “Returning to Silence” mini-series: Learning to till the sacred soil of inner-silence within modernity is challenging. It is also vitally important to an embodied spiritual practice. An embodied (or relational) spiritual practice thrives when:

  • colonized mind habits are seen clearly
  • habits of numbing, judging, or abandoning are seen and felt
  • experiences of expansion and contraction are understood as teachers
  • life is honoured as it is 
  • spacious awareness is palpable
As the Tao te Ching reminds us: The journey of 1000 miles begins underneath our own feet.  
These 75 minute groups begin with meditation, scriptural attunement, and sound; followed by triad & group sharing.

Time: 10 to 11:15 AM Pacific
Dates: 6 Mondays between Workshops: Oct. 3, 10, 17 & Nov. 7, 14, 21 (attending as many practices as possible is encouraged, but not mandatory)
Cost: Free for participants of at least 2 Fall ICM Workshops or $85 (CAD)

Mini-series Registration

Cost: $85 (CAD $) for the “Returning to Silence” Fall Mini-series 

Workshop Registration

Once you have paid and confirmed your date(s), your place in that Workshop is set! PayPal (below), etransfer, cash, cheque are welcome. Please text or email me the dates you plan to attend! (1- 604-222-4111)

Cost: $85 (CAD $) for one Wednesday or Saturday Workshop (including Follow-up group)

Cost: $215 (CAD $) for all three ICM Workshops (including Follow-up groups)

Group Inner Constellation Mobiles (ICM)

The intimate and transpersonal nature of healing in the ICM Workshops reveals our spiritual capacity to hold space for both wounded patterns and soul-potential. Augmented by the group’s attuned listening-process, increased insight and relational depth increases. Within this spacious energy-field, healing occurs organically.  
Creating a group field that allows trauma contractions to surface requires a coherent stillness where nothing is pushed or “fixed.” Paradoxically it is the non-movement of stillness that allows healing movements to awaken within our nervous systems. When several bodies do this, it influences the collective field. We begin to breathe a sort of collective inner-space together–a permission to be authentically present with what is emerging now. A transpersonal healing modality allows us to access trauma-symptoms in our nervous systems, while also feeling the simple beauty of human connection.
This work is original and organic. I continue to learn and grow from it as my understanding of the ICM evolves. I am grateful for the vessel of learning it provides and for the courageous participants willing to explore with me. As of November 2021, the current working title of my doctoral thesis is Constellating the Sacred in Everyday Life: Belonging in our Becoming.

 The Origin of the ICM

After ten years of studying and leading groups in the relationship between inner-stillness and living in the world, a symbol or “map of the territory” emerged strongly in my awareness upon awakening in May 2018. I have called the map an “Inner Constellation Mobile” (ICM) as it reveals more clearly the inner-dynamics we inevitably encounter in relationship to stillness practices. It spells out the movement of both our belonging and our becoming: i.e., the movement of the conditioned and ancestral influences of how we have learned to belong in the world, as well as our timeless potential as soul. As the mobile takes shape organically, a deep healing process begins between the constellations. We discover that healing and integration begin naturally when our numb or activated trauma patterns are seen and experienced with participants. We come to a visceral understanding that one person’s healing is every-person’s healing.

The ICM conveys our relationship to Silence and inner-stillness as an energetic-movement that can be felt in our nervous system (specifically within the limbic system). The ICM movement is comprised of the Soul (spaciousness and listening) interfacing with the complexity of centuries of human conditioning (including family/ancestral and cultural constellations). Succinct, yet mobile, the six different constellations become an embodied representation of our inner landscape.

As in Family Constellations work, the Inner Constellations are energetically represented by other participants. When participants are chosen to energetically represent one of the constellations, they begin to experience the nature of transpersonal relationship. We discover that the energetic movement we are representing also exists in us! Undermining habits of “othering” and separation, we experience the liberating truth of our oneness with all of life. No matter what appears in the constellated aspects, it is the same evolutionary impulse restoring us to life.

If you wish more information or to register through cash or etransfer, please call or text me (Laura) at 1-604-222-4111 .