Times of Transition

In these gathering times of trauma and Light I hope you are finding the support to be gentle with the changes taking place within and around you. We are blessed to be living in these transitional times of harvesting all that we have sewn collectively.

Feeling blessed or receiving blessings has nothing to do with life being easy or with wishful thinking. In times of transition we are pressured to become more than who we have been conditioned to “think” we are, and to bear inner-fruit that we didn’t even know we had.

Finding supportive groups is vital in these times — groups that both challenge and support. Challenge rattles the cage of our conditioning, and support strengthens our ability to trust in the unknown dynamics of our evolutionary leap.

This is no longer about an isolated “personal” spiritual path that protects an individuated belief system, but an embodied path that draws our deepest and truest selves into the collective in fresh ways. Our present era is not about protecting old structures, but learning how to align with new ones — and letting the old “snake skin” fall away. 

Two years ago, in May 2018, a new group paradigm emerged for me in the form of the Inner Constellation Mobile. This emergence followed 8 years of facilitating inner silence and stillness. The Inner Constellation (ICM) reveals a relational field that brings our personal evolution into relationship with the world around us.

I find this immensely exciting and liberating. As my spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl reminds us, we are not separate from the world we are trying to change. A deep experience of this truth changes our relationship to everything in our life. Our habits of “othering” and making the problem “out there” are put into perspective. We become wiser and kinder because relating to the world around us is not separate form how we relate to ourselves.

We are an aspect of a larger whole that calls us to become that wholeness. This calling is our greatest blessing. It makes everything possible because we are both the problem and the solution. Holding the deep truth of this dynamic dualism is the friction that polishes our inner-diamond.

Finding support in these challenging times matures us into the embodied truth that our transition points us toward. With practice we learn that challenge and grace are two sides of the same coin. This is very good news indeed.