Universal Heart Series

By Keira Madsen at vaedderstudio.com
The Universal Heart Quarterly Gatherings

… are free 1.5 hour sessions designed to support our nervous system’s attunement to the Earth’s Solstice & Equinox rhythms. (Please contact me at 604-222-4111, if you wish to be added to the email reminder list.)

Spring Equinox: Emergence as Becoming–Like the sap rising, what excites us that is new, fresh, and alive?

Summer Solstice: Tending our Belonging–What has ripened with us that allows for more wisdom, depth, meaning, and relational flow?

Fall EquinoxRooting through the Ancestors–Precise energetic attunement to even one ancestor can change the ground you stand on.
Winter Solstice: Silence & Prayer–The soil before the seed is planted is the spacious grace of Silence and the still heart at rest in God/Source.

Constellations of Wholeness: A Timeless Inner Journey of the Universal Heart
The Universal Heart series
… is designed to support the subtle nature of our “inner vessel” over an extended period of time. Each month focuses on a theme, each theme builds on the next to foster a deeper understanding of how to live our life with authentic relational contact. The weekly triad practices help us to integrate and understand life from our own challenges. 

The Universal Heart lies at the centre of the Inner Constellation Mobile and naturally “finds its place within us” as we experience being present for both our conditioned and unconditioned aspects. The monthly format allows for a prolonged steeping in the paradoxical nature of the Universal Heart where less is more, slower is deeper, and sensing/feeling leads the way rather than thinking.

The transpersonal nature of our Universal Heart connection allows the morphic field within and between us to become more apparent. This is optimally supported within a community of like-hearted pioneers wishing to explore and embody the profound intelligence of the Universal Heart in their everyday life.

In conjunction with the ICM Workshops, the Universal Heart series provides an ongoing container for exploring shadow and light in a safe manner. Embodied spirituality—or spirituality in and through the body—remains a relatively new paradigm of spiritual practice. Traditional spiritual practices have tended to retreat from culture, whereas an embodied spiritual practice engages with the world immediately around them as their practice. Our own bodies, emotions, and mental tendencies become the pioneering fields for this exploration.

With time and practice, the “compassionate presence” of the Universal Heart begins to soften the traumatized patterns of fear and fragmentation. With increased spaciousness, the Soul’s purpose begins to find a place in our Heart.

Universal Heart Themes: January to June 2022

Authentic healing becomes a humble gesture of being available for a life we don’t already know. A palpable coherence lives within each of us as the universal heart. Every moment we choose to slow down, witness, and receive, we deepen and stabilize that coherence within our nervous systems. 

The profound gifts of the universal heart first emerge as tender shoots of direct experience. These experiences often show us where we have been blocked, numb, or unavailable. Be most kind to yourself when given the gift of seeing these retracted places. Authentic healing is a field of spaciousness where nothing is pushed, only witnessed and felt. 

January: The still language of the Soul. How do we listen to this timeless beauty? What happens in our body, heart, and mind when we hear this calling, even faintly?

February: Human Conditioning through time. A reflective look at the impact of our collective tendency to emphasize the light/positive/outward/masculine, at the expense of the dark/negative/inward/ feminine.

March: Listening to life as it is. Our nervous system is designed for connection and deep relationship with life. What happens when we focus on “attuning to” rather than “thinking about”?

April: We are a long line of ancestors walking life through time. When we heal, they heal, as do future generations. What changes when we experience this humbling reality?

May: Spaciousness is the womb of change. A small amount is a timeless blessing and gift.

June: Culture is a co-creative manifestation. Global Social Witnessing (GSW) is the practice of identifying our essential relationship with this phenomenon. Individual healing and  collective healing are inseparable.


  • Bi-monthly Saturday Group Explorations & Triad Practices (one 3 hour, one 1.5 hour)
  • Weekly (emailed) theme-related meditations and sound healings 
  • Weekly Triads with assigned partners (these change every 2 months).

Cost: $425  (Can.$, includes $100 down payment)

Monthly Schedule: Dates TBA in November  2021– all classes are hosted on Zoom.

Important Reminder: If this is your first series and you have not met me before, please phone (+1) 604-222-4111 prior to registering. This is a routine check-in to make sure this program is a good fit for you.