The following are unsolicited testimonials from emails received following participation in ICM Workshops and the Universal Heart series.

“I experienced it like a deep internal healing that allowed me to release whatever I needed to release without having to process it mentally.” (J.S. ICM participant)

“I am so grateful for all that you offer, the beautiful sacred space that you hold and the magic!” (J.B. ICM participant)

“The Inner Constellations was amazing!  I was so impressed with how you coordinated it, kept it going without rushing us and with your brilliant ability to interpret the images and sensations that we were experiencing or channeling.  You truly have a gift for this work.” (E.O., ICM participant)

“Disassociation I think has been my human conditioning in life … not feeling. Giving myself time and space to listen to how I am … uncharted waters … I wanted to thank everyone for all the energy and love they brought forward to allow me to explore my inner world.” (M.W., ICM participant)

“It felt like a kind of miracle that your inner constellation map allows us to go so deeply and intimately to the heart of what is needed in such a precise way.” (J.S., ICM participant)

“I have never felt that “seen, and in such a loving way.” (W.K., ICM participant)

“It’s been touching and helpful beyond measure to move forward with my present life in a way that involves my heart once again. Oh my God. Thank you! I’m noticing a major shift that was so needed … I feel freed of the urge to look for answers outside of myself. Thank you for your wonderful work Laura”! (B.M., ICM participant)

“Thank you for everything you do to guide me to be more aware of my feelings and to allow space for me to just be. I am eternally grateful.” (M.W.)

“For me, this series has been a remarkable path intertwining new embodied perspectives and recognizing ancient Spiritual familiarity. I so appreciate your skillful immersed facilitation and creative leadership, your approachability, experience and humour! I realize that I feel a subtle depth of relationship energy gradually developing with various group members.” (B.E.)

 “I listened to the Silence Practices meditations over and over again. They gave me senses from stillness, from light, and awareness of beauty and trust I could not receive earlier. It helps me a lot to go inside in this way, just be there, listen without expectations, to experience what this silence can give, to feel connected with love, in myself in other people, in everything that surrounds me, to be part of the mystery of life….” (M.Z.)

“You have an amazing heart.  I felt generosity, love and absolute acceptance.  It was nothing I could put into words at the time.  Thank you for being here.” (P. V.)

“I am so thankful for the way and manner you teach silent meditation.  I am finding it (the process) is  providing me a way to resource myself more quickly and fully than any other meditation practice.” (I.F)

“I have been listening to Laura for many years and I don’t see an end to what she has to teach me. I listen to her the way I used to listen to Caroline Myss and Eckhart Tolle.” (B.S.)

“What I like is that you really have lived the experience of silence and inner-growth that you are sharing with us … You are in the inquiry with us although you are a guide because you have really done the work and have spent the time thinking about our relationship to silence… I just think your classes are lovely and you have a wonderful way of delivering class and the material! You have put a lot of thought into it but more importantly you really live it – and it shows. You are giving such a lovely and important contribution to the world”! (D.S.)

Laura Madsen’s “A Thirty Day Journey Into Stillness” is one of the most insightful and grounded pieces of spiritual guidance I have come across in years.  With her soothing voice and gentle timing I found myself easily entering that sacred space of silence. …  With honesty and humility grown out of her own struggles, she provides clarity about the resistances we all will face if we take the spiritual path seriously. With wisdom and grace she casts light on the way through those resistances and barriers to the vast openness of God’s love.  She uses insight gathered from many religious traditions and reveals some of the common threads in practical and understandable language … This series has truly been a nourishing and refreshing journey for me. – (E.O.)

“The 30 days were so profound and so deep on one hand — and yet so familiar, but just out of reach — on the other hand. It was as if by being guided by your voice and words, I was taken to what I already know. Like a book sitting infront of me for a very long time, but you opened it, turned the pages and brought the words alive for me. Your way with words and steady voice allowed me to really “be” and soak up the essense of what the thought for the day was. There was no distraction.” (M.F.)  

“Your style of teaching is unique and beautiful.  I appreciate how you are able to be present to your own learning process and able to transmit your knowing of the practise all at once.” (I.F.)

“At first I couldn’t feel the difference when I was listening to the recordings. I’d listen and go “huh” and go on with my day. Eventually (despite a bit of a lack of effort on my part) by simply having the recording playing in my ears on a semi-consistent basis, I started to feel different the days that I actually stuck to it and listened a few days in a row without missing. I started to be still enough to see how un-still I usually am. I started to feel the calm within the storm (of centeredness and awareness)…” (T.M.)

Speaking of making cracks to let the light shine in, thank you for making cracks in me in such a loving caring gentle way! (J.V.)

“Laura’s scope of knowledge in both the theoretical and practical worlds of meditation, silence, prayer and self realization was paralleled by her heart felt desire to be of service; by her willingness to be real and authentic, and by her devotion to her own path. Laura facilitated a journey of self discovery that challenged and inspired me. [In the 30 days], I found myself  opening me up in ways I could never have imagined — and yet in many ways longed for, but was unable to achieve on my own. I consider Laura to be one of my greatest teachers and her presence in my life, one of my greatest blessings.” (D.P.)

“I’m enjoying the daily stillness entries. I’m finding it all very deep and something that our society does not talk about … or at least most of the people I hang out with… I am soooo glad I signed up for this ‘course’. It has come at exactly the right time in my life. When things get ‘sticky’ with all the commotion around me and things being out of my control I’m able to think back to what I’ve heard and draw on that feeling. Many thanks. (M.F.)
“Laura is a treasure. Her ’30 Days to Stillness’ shares the jewels of her lifelong, devoted spiritual journey, insights from her deep, broad study and personal experience of spiritual traditions, teachers, and practices. She presents her own and others’ ups and downs, challenges and paradoxes encountered in authentic inner exploration. Laura is a wise, kind, yet uncompromising spiritual guide who embodies the depth and wisdom of the teachings she imparts. Her reflections have been a springboard to further meditation and contemplation. I am grateful to have Laura in my life.” (D.L.S.)

“I want to thank you sincerely for this past few weeks of meditation classes.  I have really enjoyed being with everyone, sharing and I like your instruction style immensely … Thank you very much for including me – it’s been wonderful.” (J.T.)

“Thank you so much for the Silent Practice that you offer and inspiration that you impart.  I have found the sessions very meaningful both the practice in a group, the discussions and the small group work.” (S.J.)

“I was thinking that I wanted to write you last night after SP to say thank you!!! It’s been so important to me to be able to have this kind of group to be a part of. I’m super grateful:) … Thank you, thank you.” (J.E.V.)

“Laura’s approach is very engaging and non-judgmental. Her personal insights and self-disclosure create an open and trusting foundation. For me, there was a feeling of mutual discovery and inquiry.” (C.S.)

“Laura’s expert, gentle, and joyous facilitation, combined with her direct experience with the power of Silence, equanimity, and love of the Divine, offer a grace-filled environment that refreshes and revitalizes.” (C.M.)

“I experience Laura’s Silence workshops as an opportunity to make peace with my  humanity by making place for Spirit. I feel embraced by profound respect and  solicitude.” (J.V.)

“Through Laura’s facilitation — both at workshops and especially at retreats — I now experience daily; a deeper connection to the sacred with a sense of intimacy that I hadn’t known was possible. Thank you for opening my eyes. A truly invaluable experience.” (L.P.S.)

“Laura has become a trusted guide in my spiritual journey. Her way of silence has been a gentle opening to a stance of integrally knowing, as opposed to believing in, the purity of the divine/love/spirit which is at the core of each of us. We find here that silence, not ideas, offer the space for accessing the divine. Her generosity with her experiences, and her vast knowledge of various theological traditions, make her workshops stimulating soul food. I heartily recommend that anyone yearning for a heart-centred guided visit into the sacred space of silence, attend Laura’s workshops.” (C.S.)

“I cannot begin to articulate how profound I found the silence embracing nature retreat experience [at your home}. The work you are doing in this world is powerful, healing and full of wonder.”  (I.N.)

“Thank you for the richness of your work and the honesty of your actions. Thank you for the depth of your Being and a gratifying retreat where: I am connected again with Peace, to the Mystery of Life, and to the wonders of my heart.” (C.N.L.)

“Laura seeks to provide long term healing by uncovering what is hidden behind the “white noise” that is usually taken for silence. This is not a vacation spa. I would trust my mind with her.” (R.O.)

“Laura is a highly skilled and intuitive facilitator who creates an open, supportive atmosphere for exploration. Her long term contemplative practice adds tremendous depth and wisdom to the group. I have found many opportunities for profound insights while attending these groups.” (S.U.)

“Laura is a natural leader, but not a preacher.  She generously shares her knowledge about other mystic’s work, as well as her own experiences.  This generosity of spirit invites others to participate with open hearts and minds in the rich space of shared silence and to learn from their experience. Her genuine enthusiasm for evolutionary work is contagious. I love and trust Laura and feel immense gratitude at sharing an authentic soulful journey with her.” (C.S.)