Presencing Sessions and Sound Healing Sessions

By Keira Madsen at

I offer two different forms of private sessions: individual Presencing Sessions and  group and individual Sound Healing Sessions. Both modalities focus on developing relationship with symptoms of disconnection or dis-ease, that which is “here” but excluded from conscious awareness. Discomfort in life is often a signal that something within us requires gentle contact, rather than fixing or analyzing.

When numb, hyper-active, or otherwise disconnected inner-places are explored in a relationship of trust and non-judgement, our nervous system begins to co-regulate naturally. Healing is always within us waiting for the space to works its magic. Attuning to the exiled parts of our energy system is the primary focus in both the Presencing and Sound Sessions.

*E-transfer accepted as payment for all private sessions*

Presencing Sessions

Last 50 to 60 minutes and are hosted on Zoom. Cost is $120 per session with reduced rates for ICM Workshop and Universal Heart participants.

Sound Healing Sessions

There is a Sound that lingers within the depths of Silence, the mere expression of which is healing to the Soul.

*Individual Sound Healing Sessions: $60 each, 3 for $120, or 5 for $160.

Like the swaying motion of a mother rocking her child in her arms, vowel sounds are an international language for the nervous system. They are also the most gentle way to touch the dark crevices of our soul‘s wounding, with subtle sensitivity and no expectation. 

The nervous system responds with spaciousness, often causing profound relaxation— and most often a deep sleep. Deep restoration is happening in these sleeps that it is difficult to track mentally—although images and intuitions may appear.

When the Sound of the human voice is connected precisely with what is arising in this moment, its resonance evokes a fluid energetic movement in the body and in the morphic resonance of the individual or the group field. When attuned specifically the resonance of the human voice:

  • Helps to create connection that is calming to the nervous system.
  • Facilitates a gentle surfacing of unconscious or frozen energy patterns.
  • Restores fragmented energy patterns through gentle felt-connection.
  • Naturally invites spaciousness, inner-stillness and states of deep meditation.
Private Sessions:
1. Sessions last about 20 minutes  (and are currently offered through E-mail, Phone, or Zoom).
2. Sounds are made together at times.
3. Information is given where appropriate and/or helpful.
4. Periods of Silence during the session allow for deeper integration.
5. All sessions are recorded for later listening and are often ideal prior to meditation.
Group Sound Sculpture

Sound sculptures are an integral to the Inner Constellation Mobile (ICM) Follow-up groups. They both ground and amplify the healing-movement of the ICM. A group sound sculpture is created through directly focusing on one person while voicing specific vowel sounds. These are 5 to 10 minutes in length and profoundly healing.

The silence in your action is a very deep sign of cosmic coherence,
and in the Temple –when you sit in the Temple as the Temple –
there is a cosmic symphony that is everywhere.
( Thomas Hübl)

Sound Testimonials:
I felt very blessed to receive the group Sound Healing. It was an affirming and nourishing experience. I felt very cared for. When I remember the experience now it still impacts me with new insights. I had no idea it would be so powerful. (S.J.)

My sound healing with Laura brought me a deep sense of peace and clarity. Through the resonance of her voice I regained confidence in my connection to wisdom and in the safety of living. (C.T.)

Laura has an ability to “tune in” with so much information/insight that I’m happy she records our sessions for later listening. Thanks so much Laura for sharing your gift. (M.W.)

Very quickly I felt deeply meditative. I felt a calling home, a coming home. Laura is highly collaborative and responsive, moment by moment – like a sound dancer of sorts. (B.S.)

“During the session, I  felt my body being moved by the sounds… as if the sounds were moving me.  Then somewhere I merged with the sound: tears warm flowing down. The energy is reverberating from inside me. I slept really well that night and woke up feeling good and energetic the next day … What I was the most aware of was how quiet my thoughts were. I have more space in me.  I sense the space around other people.” (I.F)

Ahhh ~ Listening, I felt fused to deep regenerative energy of Earth….Her voice speaks, intones, and is deeply woven into inner constellation. (B.E.)

“I recently listened to the audio and found it perfect to meditate.  Yes…you do have a beautiful voice and I am very sensitive to sound… But more importantly, I feel it talks to me…that those sounds are close to who I am. (D.V.)