PhD Research

(This Chart may only be used with prior permission from Laura Madsen)

Silence Practice groups have increasingly focused on refining our capacity for inner-awareness through deep listening and attunement. As this function stabilizes in the group dynamic, subtle energy-movements in our nervous system become palpable and increasingly conscious. The Inner Constellation Mobile (ICM) emerged in the most recent Silence Practice series as a map of the sacred territory of our inner life.

The ICM is a simple map of the movement of two basic energy-systems within our nervous system: the integration of conditioned (human, time-bound) and unconditioned (Soul, timeless). With a willing and spacious awareness, the movement of these inner-aspects are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually perceptible.

Silence Practice was originally founded upon a Master’s Research thesis Surrendering to Silence: A Heart-Centred Practice from the Vancouver School of Theology in 2011. The next iteration of Silence Practice has developed into a Research PhD program. The PhD proposal Discovering and Integrating the Soul’s Nervous System through Inner Constellations and Sound has been accepted by Thomas Hubl’s AIS (Academy of Inner Science) in conjunction with Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School.

Research participation will involve a minimum 12 month commitment with an on-line option. Details of the time and cost of this commitment will be available in early 2019. Please leave a comment below or phone 1 (604) 222-4111 if you are interested in participating in this research exploration.