Inner Constellations

This unique way of exploring our conditioning and our potential through the intelligence of our nervous system is simple and transformational.

Eight years of facilitating groups exploring the relationship between inner-stillness and living-in-the-world has yielded a Map of the Territory. I have named this Map an “Inner Constellation Mobile” (ICM) as it reveals more clearly the movement between the personal and transpersonal dynamics encountered in stillness.

The Inner Constellation Mobile (ICM) works by activating (and enacting) unconscious inner-dynamics that we are often unaware of— although their influence is palpable in our life. The ICM model introduces a new relationship paradigm within ourselves and with others.

The six Constellations move like a mobile — each influencing the others. As individuals listen/feel into the Constellation they have been chosen to represent, restorative movement begins. A space for healing naturally emerges as inner-dimensions are given space and allowed to manifest as they are (through the people representing the Constellation). Healing then begins in the relational field between the Constellations.

In this work we experience that one person’s healing is healing for everyone. We experience a quality of aliveness in the room that invites something new within us. There is great compassion and strength awakened in us as we experience this.

(This Chart may only be used with Prior permission from Laura Madsen)

The Mobile allows us to witness the deeper relationship between our Belonging (in culture) and our Becoming (as Soul): the movement of our conditioned aspects as well as our timeless potential as Soul.

Many of us suffer from a disconnect between our two essential natures — human and Divine. Experiencing the movement of our inner-mobile within the group allows for a more wholesome relationship between “doing and being” to emerge.

Silence Practice originated from a practice of “deep listening.” Over the past ten years, since writing the MA Research thesis “Surrendering to Silence: A Heart-Centred Practice,” this practice has continued to compel me with its endless depth and beauty.

I would like to thank the Silence Practice participants. Your willingness to explore both the openings and the obstacles of our inner landscape has taught me deeper attunement, patience, and compassion. This engagement has fueled both my personal practice and up-leveled what I have to offer in the world.

Working with the Inner Constellations allows for a deeper experience of Silence Practice in our daily life. The ICM groups will continue to explore the relationship between inner-stillness and how we live in the world.

with love and appreciation,

If you are interested in exploring in this way or have some questions, please post a comment below, or call/text 1 (604) 222-4111.

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