Inner Constellation Saturday Workshops

As in Family Constellations work, the Inner Constellations are energetically represented by other participants. Within this collective unfolding, Sound resonance facilitates the integration of both the conditioned and unconditioned movements within the Constellation. All of our nervous systems receive an upgrade even when it may not be our “personal” Constellation.

About the ICM

Ten years of studying  and leading groups in the relationship between inner-stillness and living in the world has yielded a Map of the Territory. I have called the map an “Inner Constellation Mobile” (ICM) as it reveals more clearly the inner-dynamics we encounter in stillness. It spells out the movement of both our belonging and our becoming: i.e., the movement of our conditioned aspects of how to belong in the world, as well as our timeless potential as spirit. It also moves like a mobile, with each of the six inner-constellations influencing the others.

The ICM conveys our relationship to Silence as an energetic-movement comprised of the Soul (spaciousness and listening) interfacing with the complexity of centuries of human conditioning (family and cultural constellations). This is a succinct energy-representation of our inner landscape. When we become an energetic representation of another’s inner-constellation, we experience the dynamic nature of transpersonal relationships and a sense of belonging to the same movement of becoming. In other words, we experience the truth of our collective evolution, no matter what stage of development may appear in the Constellation.

Cost:$75.00 per Saturday Workshop                                                                                                                                        

Cost:$150.00 for all 3 Workshops                                                                                                                                          

If you wish more information or to register through cash or etransfer, please call/text Laura at (1) 604-222-4111 .

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