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Beginning in October 2019, the former “weekly” series was replaced by a 9 month series featuring a deep practice of stabilizing the Universal Heart within. The Universal Heart lies at the centre of the Inner Constellation Mobile and naturally “finds its place within us” as we experience being present for both our conditioned and unconditioned aspects.

A 9 month commitment allows for a prolonged steeping in the paradoxical nature of the Universal Heart where: less is more, slower is deeper, and thinking does not lead the way. The transpersonal nature of our connection to the UH reflects the movement of the morphogenetic field within and between us. This is optimally supported within a community of like-hearted pioneers wishing to explore and ground the profound depth of the Universal Heart in their everyday life.

This series is designed to support the subtle nature of our “inner vessel” over an extended period of time. One month of practice with each theme fosters a deeper understanding of that theme as it begins to make its way into our life and consciousness. The weekly Dyad practice helps to build more coherence between our inner life and our relationships.

Experiencing the spaciousness of the ICM mobile allows deeper insight into the intelligent healing movements that exist between Human Conditioning and Soul. As embodied spiritual beings, we are learning “how to live in the world, but not of it.” The monthly Wednesday and Saturday ICM Workshops support our practice by reframing our understanding and supporting us to experience the more inclusive generosity of the Universal Heart.

Particularly when used in conjunction with the ICM Workshops, the Nine-Month Universal Heart series provides an ongoing container for exploring shadow and light in a safe manner. Although it has been taught by a few spiritual master’s in the past, embodied spirituality—or spirituality in and through the body—remains a relatively new paradigm of spiritual practice. Traditional spiritual practices have tended to retreat from culture, whereas an embodied spiritual practice engages with the world immediately around them as their practice. With time and practice, the “compassionate presence” of the Universal Heart begins to soften habits of fear and disconnection. With increased spaciousness, the influence of the Soul begins to dance within our Heart.

I am passionate about this exploration and look forward to discovering with you.

Please note: There is a limit of 12 participants in total (Vancouver and Virtual combined). Due to Dissertation writing in the Fall of 2020, the next Monthly UH series will be from February to June 2021 (five months).

Universal Heart Themes- October 2019 to June 2020

October: Orientation to Spaciousness: Who are we? How are we relating to this moment? This month we will practice consciously connecting to life through different levels of consciousness and experience Spaciousness as the freedom to choose our focus. 

November: Human Conditioning through Time, Honouring the Ancestral Lineage: The seed of our becoming bears fruit from within our belonging to the mystery: human evolution as well as our personal lineage through time. Honouring where we have come—complete with all its limitations—enables us to receive life as it is now. 

December: The Timelessness of Soul: It’s a long journey but a short distance! The paradoxical nature of embodied awakening. Blessing Force/Denying Force, Grace/Shadow.

January 2020: Understanding the time-bound aspects of self: The conditioning of Culture and Family constellations are not “who I am” but they are my responsibility. Slowing down to connect deliberately with unconscious shadow patterns ensures that our spiritual practice does not become a way of by-passing patterns of pain and trauma

February 2020: Restoring the spiritual sovereignty of the Universal Heart through the Sacred Feminine. The Universal Heart could be compared to a spiritual womb that is nourished through a refined receptivity to God-flow. Through the grounded receptivity of the Inner Feminine, the UH begins to release her perfume of unceasing praise. In this experience, our bodies become spiritual transmitters and receivers. This is the landscape of the Mystic who belongs only to God. This level of experience feels very different in the NS (nervous system) than our habits of belonging through culture and family.

March 2020: Calming the Nervous System through connecting to Nature: Nature Connection though the Five Senses: Receiving the Five Sacred Vowels in the base— studying the smaller (often unnoticed) gifts of nature: insects, tree bark patterns, leaves, blades of grass, earth worms, etc. 

April 2020: The Angels are Landing (higher resonances if you prefer!). Receiving and integrating Light in dark times. Choose two mystics to study for this month. Where do they differ, where are they the same? Read as much as you can. Absorb, share in your Dyads YOUR experience (what moves in our body, mind, heart, senses) as you read them? What awakens in you?

May 2020: The Power of Yes: seeing, feeling, and validating “what is” is a powerful practice of spiritual embodiment and only truly possible through the Universal Heart. “A resonance of Yes to the flow of intelligence that is life is,” is the timeless gift of the Universal Heart. The UH exists only in God or Source and disconnects from nothing. 

June 2020: Social Global Witnessing as Embodied Spiritual Action: Listening to the world around us with new ears. Be Still Now: the simple gratitude of embodied awareness. 

Structure and Pricing

($425- PayPal, e-transfer, cheque, or cash)

Cost: $425

Monthly Schedule:

  • Vancouver Tuesday group 7 to 9 PM on the first Tuesday of the month, beginning October 1, 2019.
  • Virtual Wednesday group 4 to 5:30 PM on the first Wednesday of the month beginning October 2, 2019.
  • NOTE: Exceptions to the Monthly Schedule: The first Virtual meeting in 2020 will be Jan. 8 rather than Jan. 1; and March meetings for both Vancouver and Virtual groups will change from March 3 & 4 to March 10 & 11 respectively.

Weekly Schedule:  

  • 20 minute weekly Dyad Practice. (Dyad partners change every 5 or 6 weeks, giving you 6 different practice partners during the 9 month program.)
  • You will receive a weekly email highlighting an aspect of that month’s practice theme. Participants  are encouraged to respond to the group email as they feel inclined. I will respond in kind. This helps us explore “inner landscapes” in a more collective fashion, which boosts trust and creates a more coherent resonance between us.

Combined Zoom Calls (every 6 weeks on Tuesday evening):

  • Virtual zoom calls (8 total) where Vancouver and Virtual groups come together for a guided meditation, triad practices, and Q & A.
  • These will take place from 7 to 8:30 PM on the following 5 Tuesdays: Oct.15, Dec.17, Jan. 14, Feb.18, March 17, April 21, May 19, and June 23.

During the 9 months, participants receive a 1/3 price reduction on:

  1. Monthly Saturday ICM Workshops, 9:30 to 1 PM.
  2. Monthly Wednesday ICM Workshops, 10 AM to 12 PM. (Please see ICM Workshops Menu for exact dates of the Workshops. They are open to everyone.)
  3. Private Sound Healing sessions.

Important notice: If this is your first series and you have not met me before, please phone 604-222-4111 prior to registering. This is a routine check-in to make sure this program is a good fit for you.

4 thoughts on “Nine-Month Universal Heart Series

  1. Truly inspired creation! As I read your words I feel as though it is channrled. And the artwork by Keira as well.Thank You Laura for Who You Are and for your Courage to Share Your Essence.

    1. Thank you Cathy. We are travelling together. That is why the words resonate. When we open to the Universal Heart we share in a timeless resonance of the transpersonal.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Mary Wolfe game me your name and website information. I would like to have a brief conversation with you about your work and timing for “new” series.

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