Inner-Spring: The Time Has Come

An inner-spring is arriving: a rebirth of beauty, an experience of knowing our true nature from this grace-filled place. Can you feel it moving in your nervous system and heart? My sense is that this abundant beauty lives within us all the time, but the spring season helps it arrive more viscerally.

This spring feels different as we enter the second year of Covid-19 lock-down.  It feels like the “pause” time is birthing something new–a gestation. A new way, a new sensitivity, a new relating, a new me, a new you, a new us. I sense that the time has come.

Unlike the COVID-19 virus, the lockdown of our inner-trauma — the neglected exiled parts we banish to the basement of our collective and individual unconscious — are something we don’t see or keep track of. We attempt to live as though our (collective and ancestral) trauma symptoms are normal. Well, they are normal in a disconnected world that perpetuates relegating the “trauma untouchables” to the basement.

But not one of these frozen symptoms is who we are. Not in the uplifting presence of spring, and not ever. We are simply entangled in a web of mistaken identity that is so unpleasant to witness and keep track of, that we continuously lift off, numb, or actively project our trauma onto the world around us — it’s their fault I am uncomfortable or hurting. In the name of social “nice” we even collude with each other’s trauma and protect each other from presencing (unfreezing) trauma.

Perhaps it is time that we discover together a spiritual beauty that is embodied enough that it doesn’t by-pass trauma. That stays with, that befriends, that understands, and “stands under” that which is habitually by-passed. We are a new generation in an emerging new time. Perhaps it is time that we take our place in that newness. Be bold, be brave, be sensitive, be warriors of peace. Sounds good, right? Well it is, but it is the hardest work you can possibly do. Generations before us have not done it and trauma compounds with each passing generation: it does not, and will not, simply disappear because we choose not to see or feel its ubiquitous influence. That is why we need each other to land this big and beautiful inner-spring whose time has come.

The time has come to be still enough to befriend trauma. Just like any friendship, we become willing to listen, to know its ways, and to learn and grow through that knowing. In the stillness, we first encounter inner restlessness. Experiencing the restless discomfort screaming in our nervous system feels like nails on a chalkboard or teeth grinding in the night. We get to know all the myriad ways we disown trauma and abandon the experience of its symptoms. Again and again, we abandon the discomfort of trauma symptoms to the nightmarish dark of our collective basement.

The time has come to recognize others who are also willing to engage in the challenging work of cultivating spiritual awareness in everyday life. This helps to stabilize the emerging inner-spring that sees and keeps track of exiled trauma pain with heart-eyes  of compassion. The simple recognition that there is nothing to fix, and that our willingness to be in relationship with discomfort is love, and the most effective trauma remedy.

The time has come to unfreeze the life-force frozen in trauma pockets in our nervous system and collective field. To realize that the organic nature of life is generous and abundant, offering opportunities for connection in every moment. Life is presence and receiving her beauty is our greatest blessing.

The time has come to be brave enough to feel the landscape of fear that trauma has produced inside us and in our collective. A better future calls us home to our “now”; a future of spiritual embodiment where good, kind, whole and connected become the norm. It will take many of us to land this beautiful inner-spring.  Just two letters rearranged, and we move from “scared” to “sacred.” In that seemingly insignificant movement of our individual willingness to see and feel, the world becomes a brighter and more friendly place. We touch-down differently when trauma has been befriended. We know ourselves and others more authentically and reveal the beauty of our inner-spring.

Tibetan Buddhists long ago foresaw the arrival of Warriors of Compassion and Discernment. The time has come for this love held in wisdom to land. However fragmented our inner and outer worlds may seem, we walk this evolutionary journey together. For now, trauma makes a lot of noise, crashing and banging around inside and outside of us. As we begin enjoying the warmth and beauty of Spring 2021, I wish you the blessings of befriending your basement exiles and welcoming them into the Light. The time has come my friends.