Monthly Archives: January 2021

A Timeless Citrine-Dream

Last night I had a dream about “us” (a collective of spiritual seekers) …

We were traveling … many of us … on a road less travelled … the spiritual path.

We were all there … in that same forested path meandering slowly up a hill at first. 

Teachers past and present, friends & groups of journeyers, all winding our way through a dense canopy of Forest..

And then I came to a Place in the Forest.

It was a Here Sort of Place, with no need to go elsewhere …

… so I just stood Still … 

My eyes falling upon a partially uprooted tree, its few exposed roots in the foreground close to where I stood … the roots Speak in a Language my Heart Knows well. It is so easy to be Still here … thoughts of anywhere else simply don’t exist.

And then … the tree suddenly and completely uproots itself, exposing a massive Gemstone, a Citrine-faceted boulder five times my size. It seems to perch there for a little time before rolling its massive sparkling-golden-self down the hill to the ravine below …

… coming to rest there on her back side, exposing an unfathomable splendour of  Light … a shining beauty reflecting heaven … 

… beyond measure in beauty, but seeming now the size of the palm of my hand as it rests in the valley below.

“Waking thoughts” landed lightly, like timeless pearls:

“The meek shall inherit the earth”  echoes like a Fragrance in this timeless dream.
Depth in the simplicity of Here:  Freely … Given … Golden …. in the Naked Now.
A waking body is overcome with transparency and the beauty of simplicity.