The Heart of Authentic Communication

When a group of spiritual practitioners — those willing to lean in beyond their personal fears and judgements — get together, something significant emerges.

If we are to evolve our consciousness and stabilize its presence in the world (“as above so below,” “on earth as it is in heaven”), we must honour our direct experiences of a higher order, and somehow establish its  reality while in relationship to the other. It is only this dynamic of alignment (surrender) and generosity (love) that is powerful enough to liberate us from our very entrenched mind-identification. This strongly pervasive habit has us believing that we can “think” our way out of our personal and global issues. The dualistic nature of it divides and conquers, rather than uniting and fortifying our Oneness.

The thoughts revealed within a divine encounter are from an entirely different order of intelligence. They — quite literally — break in upon our dualistic habits in a way that awakens the heart and mind to their essential nature. The following excerpt describes a direct experience from a Silence Practice group this past winter.


A prominent member of our group last night spoke about a profound and life-changing Oneness experience he had had 20 years ago. As he spoke, I began to notice a current of energy rising in the room — from everywhere, and from nowhere in particular. It was subtle — not strong at all — but it was unmistakably there. My heart recognized it with a slight leap in my chest. I wondered if I was the only one who noticed. I would like to ask next week … perhaps I should ask right here and now?

This delicate current of energy seemed to be saying, “We are One, YES, we are One, YES,” over and over, forever and ever. It appeared to like the story of Itself being told! It had a thrillingly fresh quality to it: immediate, playful, curious, delighted. It moved and pulled relentlessly, but gently, at my heart. “Come, come, come with Me,” it seemed to say. Yes, it was indeed pulling my heart forward — into what I did not know. Into what I did not care for that moment, so compelling was Its Call. Within a few minutes, my awareness of this current faded away as the conversation took another direction.


Today I sit reflecting upon the experience of this “Oneness current” that arose in the room last night. My perception is that it truly did fade. It was not just my awareness of it that faded. My heart had responded without hesitation — I was being invited, pulled forward, awakened to the possibility of becoming “not me,” something totally new and unfamiliar. It truly felt like an invitation into the unknown, even while being aware of my resistance. (As far as I can tell, resistance is rooted in the fear (terror?) of the complete transparency/vulnerability I am being called to.)

But the (my?) heart thrilled to it. I am now thrilled just thinking about it because I can see how our time together need never again be about anything but authentic stories and communications. How quiet and peaceful our lives would be! When I heard another speak about this place (no matter that it was 20 years ago), it was like an invisible “Hallelujah” chorus took place, inviting us all beyond ourselves. It is as though we were being invited into a direct experience of the first commandment, “Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind/might,” and the second commandment becomes implicit.

However, the experience was anything but commanding — bold and playful, yes. Compelling for sure, but no demand. It disappeared just as surely as it appeared when the conversation veered away from it. The “Oneness Current” appeared to be drawn irresistibly by our sincere addressing of  It, our attending to It. And the Yearning heart came alive in response. Divine Symmetry! Traditionally, Silence Practice has been done in caves, away from culture, away from personal habits, away from others, so as not to disturb our individual direct experience/encounter.

So that makes last night’s discovery a very important  one. A paradigm shifting one. It demonstrates how the group experience can liberate in a way that isolated “cave” realizations cannot: precisely because the liberation beyond ego takes place right-smack-in-the-middle of ego’s most fecund playing ground — among other ego’s.

If this experience and/or its reflection awakens something in your heart, please honour that experience by responding — however briefly — in the comments section below. It is a mutually vital conversation.

14 thoughts on “The Heart of Authentic Communication

  1. I appreciate this Laura – and will refer to it’s primary insight (that deep realizations can take place in a group setting) when our group begins meeting again in September. Thank you for sending it along. Brian

  2. Laura, I am in Spain doing, among other things, research for my Masters Thesis in Expressive Arts Therapy. The Oneness current you describe, and the aesthetic (ie: felt) response of the heart to it reminded me of the duende of flamenco. It is a ‘third’ or a ‘Third’ that enters with a profound unity of experience through the dance or song. It is truly thrilling when this Something arrives.

    Much love

    1. Yes Kelty, thank you for this. I can really get the sense of that– like dancing with love — such flow and grace, an expression of divine movement. Expressive Arts Therapy. Sounds perfect.:)

  3. Beautifully written Laura. I had similar experiences when I belonged to a Centering Prayer group several years ago. Something very powerful happens when we meditate together. We need those solitary “cave” times as well as those “sitting around the campfire together” times, perhaps both are primitive and essential needs on our spiritual path. Thanks for illustrating how the spiritual journey is not only a solitary one, as Jesus said “when two or more of you are gathered in my name..”

    1. Dear cousin Elaine, Thank you for sharing this. I am not surprised — and very thrilled — to have people responding with similar experiences! We are One, after all, and very simply available through any moment where we are empty/receptive/surrendered enough to receive it. It is very challenging, however, because we need to thaw from the spell of the separate identity we have grown so used to identifying with. When we do let go, we discover that we are, in fact, “gathered in the same name.” That Name goes by many Names (throughout many traditions) — but I think it boils down to Beauty, Truth, and Goodness — or simply Love (Agape).

  4. I Am so grateful and reading your blog gave the sense of riding the wave in canoe with the whole gang.. I Am blessed to have such great and wonderful friend. Have a great day and great moments one after the other, enjoy the gift of relationship with whomever and whatever is present for you. Aloha

  5. Beautiful experience for you Laura….feeling the love of our creator….warms my heart as well. With love to you, thank you for sharing with me.

    1. You are so welcome Carol. Remembering our place in Creation and who we are for each other in that, is profoundly transformative because nothing exists there but Love.

  6. Am currently stranded on an island of certainty, colluding and commiserating with people’s opinions and judgments, so that was a refreshing, Laura. Thank you for quenching my thirst.

  7. Hi Laura.
    Thanks for sharing that moving experience. I would love to be a part of such a Silence group. Your example gives me hope for the future.

    I have many of these intuitive encounters in my 40 years journey. I am about 2-3 weeks from printing my journey book. “Awakening to The Journey Home – The Farmboy, the Mystery and Mysticism”. I have included a short piece from my book.

    Included below is one of my experiences from my book. When simply letting go, unconsciously setting ego aside and encountering the Oneness, the Essence of our physical reality. This occurred in the early to mid 1980s, after I had been operating seeding equipment for over a 24 hour period.

    I sit, my back against a large tree. Facing east, I fold my hands in my lap, marveling at the breath-taking sunrise and feeling satisfied the crop is in the ground. I take three deep relaxing breaths, filled with contentment and satisfaction.
    Suddenly, in a tumbling-like motion I find myself soaring upwards, as if I might be on the rebound of a bungee cord jump. I’m aware of reaching the upper-branch limits of the large tree and in a wave-like motion, I’m conscious of floating out across a silvery, almost transparent canopy of the bluff’s tree tops.
    During the awareness of the wave-like floating there is no sense of fear, but a sense of deep connection. I am merged into an absolute unity with the silvery canopy, resulting in a deep loving feeling of harmony, complete acceptance, an acceptance that does not fit into words of description.
    I am unable to grasp the depth of what seems to have happened. Yet, deep down I know in that moment, the Essence of my being is the same Essence of whatever tree is.

    1. Thank you Bill — indeed an encounter of Oneness. Lovely! Please come to the Silence Practice group this Tuesday (August 12th) from 7 to 9 if you are able to.
      You can phone me if coming — number is in contacts on the website.

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