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Drawing by Keira Madsen

Birthing Our Essential Nature through Silence Practice: Local and On-line Offerings

Regular Silence Practice eventually births a spiritual self-confidence that reveals direction in its quiet and mysterious way. By taking steps in this direction, we begin to birth the beauty, truth, and goodness of our essential nature. This is often a surprising and revelatory experience. A feeling of having arrived somewhere we have been all along, but not consciously recognized, is not uncommon.

When this happens within group practice, we begin to glimpse a new order between us that feels exciting and new. Within the resonance of a committed group, we may find ourselves relating to others differently as old habits of relating recede. Within the wake of this recession, a heightened experience of Heart-connection surfaces. The energetic Heart begins to feel grounded and engaged, informing and guiding our individual and collective transformation.

We are in the middle of a struggle to birth — and live — a new order of spiritual awareness and intelligence. It is clear to me that this birthing requires three foundations: 1)our sincere and regular individual effort; 2) grounded and committed leaders who are themselves integrating this “new order”; 3) and a community of like-minded/hearted people within which to practice and consolidate (embody) this new order/intelligence.

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Four options:

1. Vancouver’s next 6-week Tuesday Silence Practice series explores The Way of the Heart,” and runs April 11 to May 16, from 7 – 9 PM.

2. An on-line 6-week Wednesday Silence Practice series explores The Way of the Heart,” and runs April 12 to May 17, from 4:00 to 5:30 PST. 

3. An on-line 4-week exploration of the “Basics of Silence Practice Meditation,” that runs April 18 to May 9, from 10 to 11:30 AM PST.

4. To be done in your own time: “A Self-paced 30 Day Journey into Stillness” (a series of 20 minute reflections on the practice of Silence, with an on-line Q & A options for each day).

Description & Registration:

Note: If this is your first SP series, please phone 604-222-4111 prior to registration.

The heart of Silence is manifested within the centre of our being as a fluid (non-local) relationship to the whole. At first, this seems like an impossibility because we are conditioned to identify strongly with “parts” rather than wholes. Each Silence Practice series focuses on strengthening our capacity to Presence Stillness and Listen deeply. By focusing on both the higher and more grounded energy that we have available to us, we begin to discover both a refuge and a wellspring within   “an already-present Stillness that is also available “in Movement. When we exchange with others from within this place, we begin to glimpse the enormity of our individual and collective potential to live from within a deep and abiding resonance with the Whole. It is here that the Universal Heart within begins to awaken and inform us.

Group Silence Practice is beneficial for 2 reasons: 

1) We create a collective field of energy that supports transparency and trust in the unseen, unknowable mystery that sustains us.                                 

2) We practice relating with others through higher levels of knowing that help to host a spaciousness for habits of “emotional contraction” and “over-conceptualization.” 

1) Vancouver’s Spring 2017 Silence Practice six-week series: The Way of the Heart. 

This six week series offers an embodied exploration of the vast energies of the Heart available to us as a lens of life-perception. Our intimate, yet transpersonal, relationship with these dimensions is transformative in nature — opening us to both subtle and expansive shifts in perception. We begin to experience ourselves and the life around us from a wholesome reality that arises effortlessly from within the Heart’s natural receptivity to higher dimensions. Our willingness and courage to explore beyond “habits of already-knowing” is all that is required.

When we focus on these sacred energies within a group, our collective willingness creates a highly attuned field of Trust and Presence. The Heart naturally begins to blossom within this field, and we find ourselves discovering and perceiving in ways we haven’t done for years, or ever before.

The Universal Intelligence of the Heart emerges from within three distinct energy chambers — each with a unique flavour of transmission. When we learn to trust in these higher dimensions of the heart, we naturally begin to integrate (experience) their intelligence within the body-mind. A “knowing beyond our personal understanding” emerges from within us and between us. I use colour to distinguish the various heart energies.

  • Lower Chamber:
  • The red heart of fiery passion and justice
  • The orange heart of warm/delightful humour
  • The pink heart of human love (eros)
  • Middle Chamber:
  • The green or blue heart of healing and compassion
  • The golden heart of love (agape) & devotion
  • Upper Chamber
  • The yellow or turquoise heart of inspired mind
  • The diamond heart of purity (only God)
  • Access to the empty heart of the void (everything and nothing)

Cost: $129.00                                                                                            

Cost:$109.00   (previous series participants or payment before March 31)                                     


2) On-line six-week series: “The Way of the Heart”  

(Description as above.) The series is conducted through Zoom. It is easy to access with no extra cost to participants. 


Cost:$109.00   (previous series participants or payment before March 31)                                     


3) An on-line Exploration of “The Basics of Silence Practice Meditation” 

Observing Finding a place to “see” ourselves without reaction or judgement.

Experiencing the Body through the Transpersonal Nature of Energy Earth, Cosmic, and creative energy flows that are availbable to us 24/7.

Yearning 1) Establishing an Inner Compass – increasing our ability for being Still and Listening. 2) How is our deepest Yearning showing up in Life? How does it reveal itself to you? (In what situations, people, or deliberation on our part?) 3) How do we attend to our Yearning on a daily basis? (Creative activities, meditation, Yoga, body movement, sound or singing, being in nature.)

Breathing into Challenge Using the breath as a means of exploration and integration with areas that are challenging to receive.

Cost: $99.00

4) Self-Paced 30-Day “Journey into Stillness”

A series of 30 Reflections & Meditations that can be done at your own pace and timing. These 20 minute Audios also offer a Q & A option in the “Comments” section, which I reply to. After purchasing, you will receive the entire series.  Enjoy! 

Cost: $109.00

* Please respond in the comments section below for questions, or if you wish to join the Silence Practice e-mail list.

Private Sessions

The following sessions have developed over years of experience in psychotherapy, spiritual practices and traditions, a career in psychiatry, and a deep passion for the mystical marriage between Sound and Silence. Sessions are available on Zoom conference call and in person.

Talking Body Therapy

A one hour session that explores emotional and mental resonances through a focused connection to body sensations. With support to deeply listen and sense into the body, the client begins to discover a spaciousness within. This allows them to relax and know themselves within a deeper, more integrated relationship to themselves through deeply relating to what is happening in their life.

Cost: $119.00                                                                                            

Cost: $99.00 for Silence Practice Participants 

Sound Healing

There is a Sound that lingers within the depths of Silence, the mere expression of which is healing to the Soul.

A 20 to 30 minute session where the energy of Sound is employed as a direct way to contact unconscious energy patterns in the client. The range of Sounds tuned into, opens an energy-field within the client. This opening allows a gentle integration of their higher spiritual energies with the denser energies of  the body’s emotional and mental patterns. There is often a sense of calmness and well-being following these sessions, and the client may experience a deep reprieve from mental habits.


I recently listened to the audio and found it perfect to meditate.  Yes…you do have a beautiful voice and I am very sensitive to sound… But more importantly, I feel it talks to me…that those sounds are close to who I am…
So, a big thank you to you and a huge hug. (D.V.)

During the session, I  felt my body being moved by the sounds… As if the sounds were moving me.  Then somewhere I merged with the sound: Tears warm flowing down.  Tears, but I am not sad. I sense the space around other people.  Not just people but objects too. The energy is reverberating from inside me. I slept really well that night and woke up feeling good and energetic the next day … What I was the most aware of was how quiet my thoughts were. I have more space in me.  I sense the space around other people. The energy is reverberating from inside me. (I.F)

Cost: $79.00 


Cost: $49.00 for Silence Practice Participants 

2 thoughts on “Events & Private Sessions

  1. Hi Laura,

    It’s lovely to have met you yesterday, thank you for holding that session in your lovely space.
    I would like to sign up for the Oct. 22 Retreat – are you still holding the session? Have many people signed up?

    Please let me know if I can come and I am happy to bring along a cheque or cash 🙂

    Many thanks Laura,


    1. Dear Rosemary,
      We are a small group, between 5 and 8, as I have still not heard from everyone. It was delightful to meet you as well, and I look forward to practicing with you tomorrow. And yes, bringing $60.00 cash would be welcome. Thank you!

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