Saturday & Wednesday Workshops

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September 2020 Updates:

All workshops continue to be hosted on Zoom, although there are some changes:
1. There will be only 3 Workshops this Fall and a limit of 10 participants per Workshop (on a first come first serve basis). Signing up in advance is recommended.
2. Each Workshop includes a 2 hour Follow-up session one week later. (See NEW below)
3. Pre-registration (below) is recommenced: $30 per Workshop or all 3 Workshops for $70. While etransfer is preferred, cash, cheque, or PayPal (below) are also available. Please email me the dates you plan to attend!
4. Once you have paid and confirmed your date(s), your place in that Workshop is set. 
5. Please let me know ASAP if are not able to attend your reserved Workshop as I would like to offer the space to others. 

DATES: The Fall 2020 Workshop dates are: Wednesday Oct. 7 (Follow-up Oct. 14),  Saturday Nov. 7  (Follow-up Nov. 14), Saturday Dec. 5  (Follow-up Dec. 12).  

NEW! Follow-up sessions will focus on the use of Vowel Sounds and the profoundly connecting resonance of the human voice. Sound is the most powerful energetic connection to the nervous system: We hear from the womb, and as we exit life sound is the last of our senses to leave us. We are held in a Universe of Sound Frequency at the depth of our Soul. The soft enlivening effect of attuned vocal sound allows the movements from the Inner Constellation Workshop to “land” more gracefully in the Nervous System. Accurately attuned vocal sounds help to connect us more precisely with “alienated” inner aspects we habitually disown through projection, mental activity, or various forms of numbing through distraction. 

Wednesday & Saturday Workshop Registration

Cost: $30 per Wednesday and Saturday Workshops (including Follow-up option)                                                                                                                                   

Cost: $70 for all 3 Fall 2020 ICM Workshops                                                                                                                                  

Group Inner Constellation Mobiles (ICM)

I am excited to explore once more the innately transpersonal nature of healing through these Workshops. As our collective capacity to hold space for both wounded patterns and higher potential grows, we create a transparent field which opens doors of insight and depth into the human condition.
That is why I have found this work is most effectively done within small focused groups. 
Creating a group field that allows trauma to be presenced in the group sends healing waves into our own nervous system and into the collective field. We begin to breathe a sort of collective inner space together– a permission to be authentically present with what is simply here in the collective field. The essence of transpersonal healing is when we can feel the effects of trauma in each other’s nervous systems, while also feeling the emerging beauty within that inclusion–and eventual integration. (On a sound frequency, this would be an Amen.)
This work is original and continues to evolve as we learn together. It’s growth is organic and best shared through word of mouth.

 The Origins of Group Inner Constellation Mobiles (ICM)

In 2018, after ten years of studying and leading groups in the relationship between inner-stillness and living in the world has yielded a Map of the Territory. I have called the map a “Group Inner Constellation Mobile” (ICM) as it reveals more clearly the inner-dynamics we inevitably encounter in stillness. It spells out the movement of both our belonging and our becoming: i.e., the movement of our conditioned aspects of how we have learned to belong in the world, as well as our timeless potential as soul. As the mobile unfolds organically, a deep healing process is initiated between the constellations and in the room. We discover that healing and integration begins to happen when our contracted and/or wounded patterns are seen and validated, rather than judged or made “wrong.”

The ICM conveys our relationship to Silence as an energetic-movement that can be felt in our nervous system. It is comprised of the Soul (spaciousness and listening) interfacing with the complexity of centuries of human conditioning (including family and cultural constellations). This is a succinct energy-representation of our inner landscape. When we are chosen to “energetically” represent one of the six aspects in another’s inner-constellation, we experience the dynamic nature of transpersonal relationships. We begin to sense a belonging to the same movement, which is very healing for our habits of “otherness” and separation. Here, we experience the truth of our collective evolution. No matter what stage of development may appear in the Constellation, it is the same evolutionary movement of our nervous system developing and refining.

As in Family Constellations work, the Inner Constellations are energetically represented by other participants. Within this collective unfolding, Sound resonance facilitates the integration of both the conditioned and unconditioned movements within the Constellation. All of our nervous systems receive an upgrade even when it may not be our “personal” Constellation.

If you wish more information or to register through cash or etransfer, please call or text me (Laura) at 604-222-4111 .